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We decided to take photos of our 80 meter and 40 meter antenna's while being put up on a 10 foot section of antenna mast. Any mast or pipe will do as long as its not over 1.25 inches (31 1SM) in diameter.

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Here we're getting the 40 meter pole ready. All pole mounts are on a 5 ft. section of pvc pipe with adapters for the version to be mounted. Notice the 2.5 ft. antenna laying on the ground to my left. The electrical tape my left hand is covering is there to hold the coax and prevent tension on the cable as it hangs down.

Here I'm fitting the antenna onto the pole mount. I'm checking the alignment of the holes for mounting screws.

Putting in the mounting screws to hold the antenna on its mount.

Readying the connector from the delay line with coax seal. You can use silicone sealants too.

Here's a close-up of the coax sealed connection. Notice the alignment numbers match each hole.

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