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We decided to take photos of our 80 meter and 40 meter antenna's while being put up on a 10 foot section of antenna mast. Any mast or pipe will do as long as its not over 1.25 inches (31 1SM) in diameter.

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Here I'm sliding the antenna onto a 10 ft. section of 1 inch mast.

Here we go, its all the way down the mast now. Notice a small bolt sticking up. This is the stop for the mast and can be removed and you can drill your mast and re-insert the bolt thru both the mast and pole if you like. I don't, but you might want to.

Standing it up. All of this only takes a few minutes and you're ready to go on the air. It makes a great emergency antenna too.

There we are, tying it off with wire and I'm done.

I've worked all over the World with this very setup.

Here is a picture of the choke at the end of the delay line. These are integral parts.  Note that I don't use this kind of choke anymore.  All new antennas are shipped with a 1:1 Balun in a waterproof box.

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