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"3 dbi / 2 dbd Gain !"

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11 Meter Antenna 4 ft / Great CB antenna, easy to hide!

An Amazing  11 meter antenna.  Now you can operate your CB inside your apartment.

Perfect for the Apartment or any place where you need a small antenna. Can be painted to alter the appearance. High Performance compared to other shortened antennas. Does not need a ground or counterpoise. 1.2:1 SWR at resonance. 600 Watts CW 1Kw SSB.  Don't let its small size fool you, this antenna will run with much larger antennas like dipoles and inverted V's and standard ground plane verticals.

10/11 meter antenna
Yep, this is it, a full dipole performance antenna that is only 9 inches tall ! It's not a miss-print, I said 9 inches.  The entire length is 4 feet with mounting. It can be cut shorter if so desired. This is the 27 Mhz 11 meter version for CB Radio use.

And yes I've tested it on CB and talked all over the world on it.

Price: $ 99.95 includes base and free shipping.
Pole mount.

1SM11-1 $ 99.95 11 meter 27 mhz. CB band

Shipping free to the lower 48 states ground. See ordering page for more info.

NOTE: * Resonance is affected slightly by positioning of the delay line. This does not affect performance. However it will shift the swr point a little. On these bands its not noticeable by most operators. A tuner will ease operation for those who are swr worriers.   Mounting near metal objects as with all antennas will affect swr and/or performance.

This antenna is made from 1.25 inch pvc pipe, and the bottom mounting system  is interchangeable. The pole mount is shown. The antenna has a PL259 with a barrell connector at the end of the supplied delay line and choke, you simply connect to the to your own feed line to your rig. On 10 meters the delay line is 7 feet long and is not part of the radiating section.  SWR is 1.2:1 and the bandwidth is ~500 khz to the 1.5 vswr points. Typically this antenna will cover most of all of 11 meter CB band with a swr of less than 1.7:1.  The antenna is weather proof and can tolerate winds of 70 miles an hr.

    The pole mount is designed to slide over a antenna mast which is less than 1.25 inches in diameter, (most are 1 inch) with a stop bolt preventing the mount from sliding into the antenna. The stop bolt can be removed and you can drill a hole into the mast and put the bolt thru the mast and mounting pipe for a more secure mount. We have had no problems with just sliding the antenna onto the mast and forgetting it.
   The pole mount itself is about 4 ft  long and can be cut shorter if needed.
  You can paint the antenna any color you desire as long as there is no metal in the paint. You can place the antenna on the floor in an apartment, or window, or on a table. The only requirement is that you not place any metal objects within a few feet and do not set it on a metal table.

Specs:  1SM11-1 CB antenna.
Height: approx. 4 ft
Weight: approx. 8 lbs.
Gain: 3 dbi, 2 dbd, based on tests. See testimonials.
SWR at resonance: 1.2:1~ *
1.5 SWR Bandwidth: ~500 khz.
Power handling: 500 watts CW, 800 SSB. Can be designed and built for more power. Contact me for info.
Mounting: Pole up to 1.25 in. / or Floor/base mount.
1 year limited warrantee.

Note: Floor mount is not for setting on the actual ground. It is for apartments or tables that are aprox.5 feet or more off of the actual ground. Setting the antenna on the ground will prevent it from radiating efficiently. It will also weaken the receiving properties when setting directly on the ground.

This CB version will easily cover the whole band without a tuner. We've had people talk all over the US with these antennas just 10 ft off the ground on a mast. Same is true for the 10 meter ham band too. Matching signal reports are common with stations running a similar amount of power.