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I'm finally getting my shop set back up. Thank you for all who have shown and interest in my products.  This is going to be an exciting year with new advances and designs to show you.  Stay tuned... Ke4LH





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Are you looking for an antenna to put up in a zoning controlled community?
This is your answer.  It looks like a drain pipe, and can be mounted with a flag to look like a flag pole,  Or put on the roof to look like a drain pipe.  Although monoband in performance, they make great multi-band recieving antennas and are very quiet at out of band operation.  They are also very safe in that they do not attract lighting.   And because of the insulated design, are safer to use in open spaces.

If you want to get on the air today, your answer is right here. Simply unbox it, or assemble and tune it, connect the coax and tape it down to your antenna and slide it onto a 1 inch pipe or mast and your ready to go.. You can also put them in the attic as long as you don't have a metal roof.   They are also cable of covering the entire band with a tuner, and most rigs built in tuner works fine on them.   Look below at some of the main features.  Available in all HF Ham Bands and CB.

Why Buy a Survivor Antenna?

1. High Performance in a very small package, comparable to dipole.

2. Stealthy and easy to hide, can be painted any color except metallic.

3. Great for  every day use, emergencies, back packing, camping, field day. (EMMcom., nvis or dx.)

4. No counter poise needed, its built in.

5. Quiet, no rain noise and reduced out of band noise pickup.

6. Installation takes only a few minutes, slide onto a mast and stand it up.

7. Great for RV, Boats, lightweight easy installation.

8. Rugged, wind and storm survivable to 80 mph+.

9. Great for DX, see our Testimonial page .

10. Can be daisey chained for more gain and noise reduction.

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