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These Power Supplies are the Famous Bull Dog brand from Rivergate Distributing. I recommend them for an excellent design and competitive pricing. They are cool, quiet, efficient, and powerful. The most reliable power supply you will ever buy.  Bull Dog TOUGH! Return / Failure rates are less than .01% over 5 years!  NOTE, RF quiet, switching power supplies are hard to find.  Bulldog power supplies I have tested are the 30 amp model and the 55 amp model.  The 30 is very good, but they don't sell it anymore.  The 55 is noisy and I haven't tested the other models but I've been told that only the 55 seems to be the only noisy one.  I have a 30 amp model and its as quiet as the MFJ-4225MV, I have both.

45 Amp Bull Dog
55 Amp Bull Dog
90 Amp Bull Dog

These links take you directly to the Rivergate Distributing site. Supplying power supplies since 1994.  And No, I don't get any money for doing this.  I use a 55 amp in my RV and its been there for 3 years going strong.  Continuously!