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160 Meter Antenna 8 ft 

An Amazing  160 meter antenna.

Perfect for the Apartment or any place where you need a small antenna. Can be painted to alter the appearance. High Performance compared to other shortened antennas. Does not need a ground or counterpoise. 1.2:1 SWR at resonance. 600 Watts CW 1Kw SSB.  Don't let its small size fool you, this antenna will run with dipoles and inverted V's.

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This is an unpainted 160 and is the same size and appearance except for the for larger picture.
Photo is 160 unpainted, we paint most of them moss green.
Order Here:
Some Assembly required.:
1SM160-8 8 ft. $ 360.93 Free shipping
Pole mount.

1SM160-8K  8 ft. $ 360.93

Shipping  ground to the lower 48 states is free, international orders or requests for UPS use the contact us page.
* Resonance is affected slightly by positioning of the delay line. This does not affect performance. However it will shift the swr point a little.

See Order Here for more info.
This antenna is made from 4 inch pvc and the bottom mounting system is interchangeable. The pole mount is shown.  The antenna has a SO239 connector at the base to connect the supplied delay line and choke. For 160 meters the delay line is 98 feet long and is not part of the radiating section. The radiating part of the antenna is 80% of its length from the top down. The small telescoping whip is no longer a part of the  antenna. SWR is typically 1.2:1 and the bandwidth is ~30 khz to the 1.5 vswr points. The antenna is weather proof and can tolerate winds of 70 miles an hr. The pole mount is designed to slide over a antenna mast which is less than 1.25 inches in diameter, (most are 1 inch) with a stop bolt preventing the mount from sliding into the antenna. The stop bolt can be removed and you can drill a hole into the mast and put the bolt thru the mast and mounting pipe for a more secure mount. Total length with the mounting pole is 10 ft. The pole mount itself is 5 ft 4 inches long. You can paint the antenna any color you desire as long as there is no metal in the paint. You can place the antenna on the floor in an apartment, or window, or on a table. The only requirement is that you not place any metal objects within 5 feet of the antenna.
Note: The small whip has been discontinued.  You can specify which part of the band you want to operate on and it can be made to order.  A tuner is recommended and required to cover the entire band. (tuner will not cause a loss of performance in most cases.)
1.8-2.00 Mhz.
Specs:  1SM160-6
Height: approx. 8 ft.
Weight: approx. 16 lbs.
------------ Specs. ----------------

SWR at resonance: ~1.2:1*
1.5 SWR Bandwidth: 30 khz.average.
1.900 mhz.  factory setting center freq.
Power handling: 1000 watts ssb.
Delay line is aprox. 93 feet long with choke at the end. See install instructions here:
Mounting: Pole up to 1.25 in. mount.
1 year limited warrantee.